A web-based control panel for virtual machines.

Major advantages:

  • Simple – all in one, intuitive, get a Virtual Machine in a seconds
  • Fast – own core functionality, writen on fast languages like C
  • Secure – capsulated, outside access denied. Autorised users pass by own secure control server
  • Reliable – once loaded, it doesn't need to be reloaded
  • Modern – using cutting edge technologies like AJAX

A CAD application targeting Electrical engineers.

Even nowadays, many electrical engineers use mainly AutoCAD. And although AutoCAD speeds up many types of technical drawings, electrical schemas need less than 5% of its functionality. Therefore, many professionals use the huge and expensive AutoCAD as a Windows Paint with orthogonal straight lines.

Compared to AutoCAD, NetworkCAD offers:

  • Productivity – 3  times less mouse clicks needed
  • Abstraction – Attention to Where to put the power line rather than How to draw the power line
  • Automated post-drawing – quantity estimates, technical documentation, power table schemas and so on.